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BooksHANDmade presents A basic happy history of the mystery from early times to now times using Helene Lacelle's original, illustrations and Peter Evanchuck's text.

With interpretive, original art-illustrations, quotes and text, we hope to offer the reader/viewer an enjoyable guide into the discovery of this ancient and universal subject. To those who already have an appreciation of Angels perhaps they will find this slim history of the mystery a unique, pleasant and enjoyable review with a few chuckles, insights, and information along the way.

During the past decade an enormous amount of material on angels flew into the bookstores and on line. My main concern was to condense the highlights, not get bogged down in that massive whirlpool of research material but pull out of it a basic, intelligent, fun version that would offer the reader an entertaining overview. We hope that this creative and artistic , unique book will bring some knowledge, inspiration, fun and happiness to your life as it has to ours in the making of it.

We hope you enjoy our original hand mad work of ART
HORUS ancient angel-god of the sky, Egypt
Celestial Angel of Christianity
Gnat Begat
Pages of Canada
Melek Ta'us The Peacock angel of the Yazidis
History & Mystery

Words Peter Evanchuck Illustrations Helene Lacelle

'Angels exist through the eyes
of faith, and faith is perception.
Only if you can perceive it can you experience it.'

Reverend John Westerhoff

ANGELS the history and the mystery contains 35 original illustrations by Helene Lacelle. This is another slim book for big minds by BooksHANDmade of Ottawa, Canada. a dedication page is avialable for each hand made to order book.

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shipping North America $4.00 International $8.00

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The Vulture Angel of Catal Huluk, Turkey
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Each hand made book has an INSCRIPTION PAGE stating who the book was made for, signed and dated by the authors.
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